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AUVIMA is an agency for music marketing.
This includes the release of suitable and promising musical works, copyright protection, marketing strategy and distribution in the media.

Through successful partnerships with the major music marketing companies,
we have the ability to position musical works and music video clips exactly where success is.

We work with different distributors of music in the
US, Germany, France and the UK to achieve the optimal placement.

With over 20 years of experience in music marketing and over 40 years of experience in the music business,
AUVIMA has been able to get the best partners that now provide these opportunities.  

Worldwide Release

We release your music or video production on the important platforms like VEVO, YOUTUBE, SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC & VIDEO, AMAZON MUSIC & VIDEO, TIK TOK and a lot more. With a special promotion strategy and team we bring your music production and video clip on a higher level. So you are able to reach millions of fans.

Worldwide Promotion

We promote your music to all the world's leading radio stations, commercial music users and promoters. This includes sync licensing, so we offer your music for motion pictures, TV movies, commercials, phone announcements, background music, etc., so you get paid and royalties from different areas.


By joining the world's largest musical collecting societies such as ASCAP or GEMA, we have the opportunity for you to earn money for the use of your music. Whether your music is played on a streaming platform or on the radio or in a shopping mall, you get paid for it. We monitor these things and enable you to generate revenue that you could never have achieved yourself.

Make it successful. AUVIMA brings you there!
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